Toledo Zoo Aquarium – Shark

In 2015 the Toledo Zoo completed a full renovation of a WPA era building housing their aquarium. During the renovation, an old but popular sculpture of a Great White Shark ...


The Toledo Zoo’s recently renovated aquarium will feature many sculptures by Graphite including this octopus hugging what will be the hand sanitizing station within an exhibit.  

Let's Be Friends


Farnsworth Metropark

  Graphite Design + Build was involved in the one-of-a-kind Farnsworth Metropark ...

Time Lapse: Indianapolis Zoo Playhouse

Animal Faces

The animal masks that Graphite Design + Build creates are custom and ...

Model: Toledo Museum of Art

We designed and built a scale model of the Toledo Museum of ...

Treehouse Playground

Installed in May of 2012, we built this playground for the Indianapolis ...

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The Toledo Zoo was looking to create an exhibit to demonstrate to the public the evolution of flight.  They came to us to see what could really bring some interest to the project.  We all decided that an ultra-realistic sculpture of the largest flying animal to ever exist on planet earth would be a nice […]

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Saltwater Crocodile at Toledo Zoo

The Toledo Zoo recently acquired a 17 foot long Saltwater Crocodile from Australia.  A realistic enclosure needed to be built, so they asked us to sculpt and color all of the concrete in the exhibit to resemble a realistic Australian river bank.  After that, the zoo really wanted a crocodile that the public could actually […]

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Pearson Metropark

Graphite Design + Build is right in the middle of our largest project to date, an entire interactive sculpture area for Pearson Metropark. We’ve teamed up again with Toledo Metroparks to create another one-of-a-kind experience for visitors to the park. You may have seen our creations at Secor Metropark and Farnsworth Metropark, but this current […]

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We made the sign that welcomes customers to BleakHouse, a downtown Toledo coffee shop.  We also created custom wood tables made of old doors as well as a mural, giving the shop a modern but cozy feel.  

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We created 5 full-sized bronze beaver sculptures for the Lincoln Nebraska Children’s Science Center.  Measuring about 3 feet tall, these  chemical resistant, impact resistant, UV proof sculptures are at home in a playful interactive area.  They can play too – they were built to shoot water from their mouths.  

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